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Trawler Kapitan Breichman was launched for the Norebo Holding

Trawler Kapitan Breichman was launched for the Norebo Holding

Fleet Renewal
May 25th, 2022

Shipyard Severnaya Verf launched freezing processing-trawler Kapitan Breichman by order of Norebo Group, which is the FSA member company.

This is the fourth vessel for Norebo Group, which is being built according to project 170701 for fishing activities in the North Atlantic. The delivery of the trawler is scheduled for 2023. After the trawler is launched, outfitting work will continue on it, fish factory erection and cladding of the vessel premises will begin.

A series of distant-water fishing processing-trawler of project 170701, being built by Severnaya Verf for Norebo Holding, consists of ten vessels; six of them will operate in the Northern Basin, and four in the Far Eastern Basin. The design and detailed construction documentation was developed by the domestic designer Nautic Rus. For the first time, a new hull design – a capsule-shaped bow lines with an Enduro Bow type tip – has been used for Russian fishing trawlers. This increases the area of the operating space on board and makes possible to improve seaworthiness.

The processing-trawler Kapitan Breichman is named after the Honored Worker of the Fisheries of the Russian Federation Lev Semenovich Breichman, the captain of the flagship of a group of vessels operating in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, and later the general director and chairman of the board of directors of OAO Murmanrybprom. Lev Breichman was called a heaven-born fisherman for his integrity, professional competence, and excellent organizational skills; his crews always had high catch rates, and he himself was awarded the Badge of Honor Order (1982) for his merits.

The trawler is named after one of the famous captains of the industry, as well as the previous three vessels of the series. The trawlers Kapitan Sokolov, Kapitan Geller and Kapitan Ostashkov have already delivered by the shipyard.

Kapitan Breichman has already become the tenth launched vessel from among those being built under the investment quota program by the FSA member companies. Earlier, four supertrawlers for the Russian Fishery Company, a crab fishing vessel for the Russian Crab Group of companies, three heavy-tonnage and one medium-tonnage trawler for Norebo Group were launched. Several vessels are expected to be commissioned this year.

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