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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

What is cookie?

Depending on your browser settings, we collect the information conveyed to us automatically by a browser while you are visiting our sites. This conveying is performed by means of cookie files. As a rule, this information includes IP address assigned to your computer at the moment, type of your operating system and web browser used.

Cookie is a small text file placed on a hard disk of your computer by a web server.

There are “session” and “temporary” cookie files.

Session cookie files

We use session cookie files for assignment of a unique ID to your computer each time you visit one of our sites. Session cookie files are deleted after closing a browser. They are used for maintenance of capability of our sites.

Temporary cookie files

When it is admissible, we use temporary cookie files that are not deleted immediately after closing a web browser but kept on a computer within a particular period of time or until you delete them. Every time you visit our sites, our web server recognizes the temporary cookies kept on a hard disc of your computer. Assigning a unique ID code to your device, we create a database of your actions and preferences.

These cookie files may be used for collection of quite detailed technical data, e.g. information on a number of pages viewed, what parts of a site were clicked on, and a period of time between clicks. As this information may be connected with such data as your IP address, domain, or a browser data, analysis thereof is performed together with the information obtained from the other users without possibility to identify particular users.

For example, these cookie files may be used on our site in order to:

  • Carry out analysis aimed at improvement of the site work and, finally, to make our site more friendly to the user
  • Improve the site design
  • Analyze errors occurring on the site for improvement of the service quality and handling complaints

In addition, cookie files do not contain your personal data but just fix the actions on your computer

Consent for usage of cookies

Session cookie files do not require your prior consent as they are necessary for the site work and will be deleted after closing a web browser. 

Temporary cookie files that trace your previous actions and preferences but are not necessary for the site work, require your prior consent. Visiting our site, you give your consent for usage of temporary cookie files, unless you change your computer settings so that these cookie files are not kept. The same applies to third-party cookie files.

How to change the cookie settings

Web browser setting is a free and effective way to manage cookie files. You may make one of the following decisions:

  • allow all cookie files integrated into pages to be used. Note: on the one hand, access to these cookie files will be obtained by issuers thereof only; on the other hand, this process is not irreversible, and then you will always be able to delete these cookie files (procedure of managing the cookie files varies depending on the browser used; please, refer to the appropriate instructions)
  • lock the cookie files on your device. In this case, we are to warn that the site navigation will be complicated. Some functions require the cookie files to be used (e.g., for recognition of your operating system and preferable language). Therefore, we shall not be liable for inconveniences caused by inappropriate work of our services due to cookies switching off
  • switch on the usage of cookie files upon request in each particular case
  • accept or decline cookie files depending on the issuer thereof

Procedure of managing the cookie files varies depending on a browser used. Detailed instructions are available through the following links: