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Resource conservation on the agenda

Resource conservation on the agenda

Sustainable fisheries
February 7th, 2022

According to media sources, about a hundred thousand dead fish found in the waters of the Bay of Biscay off the west coast of France were dumped from the trawler Margiris. This vessel is called the second largest trawler in the world.The situation attracted the attention of environmentalists and the French authorities, TASS reports quoting CNews.

This case once again stresses the importance of biological resources conservation and efficient use of raw materials.

Such discard may be the result of a raw materials-based approach to the organization of the fishery. Often used distant water fishing vessels are characterized by high fishing capacity. But fish are only frozen at their fish factories; there is no fish cutting and processing, including for mince (surimi) and fishmeal on board.

Such a mass discarded fish indicates problems in accounting of the catches and their monitoring. It is necessary to draw a conclusion from this example and think about how to prevent this from happening in the fishery for walleye pollock, which is the most mass in terms of volume.

Compliance with sustainable fishery standards, biological resources conservation and more efficient development and processing of raw materials are the key objectives for the development of marine fisheries. The initiatives of FSA on determining the method and equipment for catches weighing on fishing vessels are considered by the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency.

The solution on direct weighing of catches will make it possible not only to provide the preservation of fish stocks, but in the future, also to increase the total allowable catches, development and output of ultra-processed fish products.

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