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Norebo Group companies joined FSA

Norebo Group companies joined FSA

FSA News
January 11th, 2022

15 companies of NOREBO Holding have joined the Fishery Shipowners Association.

With the accession of new participants, the total of investments of the FSA member companies in the renewal of the fishing fleet and the onshore processing through the program for investment quota allocation has increased to 55% of the total investment in the industry, amounting to more than 126 billion rubles.

The number of employees involved in the fishing and processing companies, which are the members of FSA, has increased to 6,000. The share of the Association member companies has amounted to 22% of total Russian marine aquatic biological resources catch and about 1.2% in global sea harvesting.

Norebo, like Russian Fishery Company and Russian Crab, has a great experience in implementing investment projects in Russia and promoting its high-quality products on the domestic market and abroad. Joint experience and drive to effective development of the fishing industry will be able to help achieve the goals of the association participants.

The key objectives of FSA are promoting the arrangement of stable conditions for the implementation of sectoral investment projects, reducing the impact of administrative barriers on the implementation of marine and coastal fishing and fish processing.

FSA promotes the fish products of the association's members on the Russian and international markets. First of all, these are such high-quality ultra-processed products as walleye pollock fillet and surimi.

The growth of demand is impossible without concern for the conservation of fish stocks and other aquatic biological resources. The main activity of the association is compliance with sustainable fishing standards. FSA members independently conduct voluntary environmental certification of fishery and traceability of fish products according to MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards.

The Association promotes a number of initiatives for the conservation of stocks of the main commercial fishery species and their rational exploitation:

  • zero-waste processing on large-capacity fishing vessels;
  • direct weighing of catches on board vessels;
  • preservation of juvenile fish, new requirements for selectivity of trawls;
  • conservation of commercial fish stocks;
  • reduction of fishing time of vessels through the unification of fishing areas, operating control of the beginning and end of fishing seasons.

The activities of FSA are aimed at interacting with government agencies and scientific organizations in the field of marine and coastal fisheries, at increasing the economic efficiency of the industry and at developing tools for attraction of investments in the development of the industry, shipbuilding, and logistics of fish products and other related sectors of the economy.

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